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Portals are the launching point for Kinetic Requst systems. Portals are configured to each customers desires. Portals should be easy to navigate and make finding services, status and information a top priority.

Request Architecture Diagram


Kinetic Request is designed to be comfortably used equally via a mobile device or web browsers. Our adaptive techniques discover the user type and produce user interfaces optimized for the device whether an iPhone, Android, Blackberry or a standard PC/Mac with IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc...


Kinetic Request forms are designed so that languages can be easily implemented.

Request Architecture Diagram

Request Architecture Diagram


Kinetic Request can source it's data from any system. In this example we use LDAP for people information. In addition Kinetic Task can write it's data anywhere - typically to create Incidents or Changes in ITSM systems, but it can also directly talk to Active Directory (LDAP) to create or modify users and groups.


Consoles are lists of items typically matching a criteria (Ex. Open Requests). Kinetic Request can pull these lists from multiple systems and assemble them into one central list. This avoids having to swivel-chair for each system you use.

Request Console

Request Console

Work Orders

Work orders are specialized fulfillment screens. They are optimized to capture the right data and minimize training needed for the fulfiller.


Kinetic Request Management, manage catalogs and service items with a web based console.